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1. NEW PRICE: LOWERED 35%!!!! The Complete Prabhupada DVD Library--19 double-layer DVD SET WITH SUBTITLES IN 20 LANGUAGES
2. SPGSR - GUIDE TO SELF REALIZATION - 3 hrs. Acarya 1,2,3,4,5 ONLY $2
3. SPD1 - The Acharya Series I & II plus Ever Well Wisher
4. SPD6 - Prabhupada Documentaries II
5. SPD5 - Prabhupada Documentaries I

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ITV Productions, Inc. :: Prabhupada :: SPGSR - GUIDE TO SELF REALIZATION - 3 hrs. Acarya 1,2,3,4,5 ONLY $2

SPGSR - GUIDE TO SELF REALIZATION - 3 hrs. Acarya 1,2,3,4,5 ONLY $2
SPGSR - GUIDE TO SELF REALIZATION - 3 hrs. Acarya 1,2,3,4,5 ONLY $2 
Digitally re-mastered, the Acarya series is thematically arranged to demonstrate the finer aspects of Krishna consciousness demonstrated by a pure devotee of Krishna. Associating with a pure devotee is the secret of success in spiritual advancement. Order 1 DVD $9.95, 10-49 $5 ea., 50-99 $4, 100-999 $3.50, 1000 + $2.50.
Shipping/taxes/customs not included. Order from the nearest distributor.

Acarya I: Introduction; Prabhupada chanting Japa; Walking in park; Kirtan;
Bhagavatam class; Playing mrdanga; Talk sitting on grass; Room Conversation.

Acarya II: Introduction; Television interview; Airport press conference;
Talk with scholars.

Acarya III: Introduction; Talk with French priest; Talk with lawyers;
Closing credits.

Acarya IV: Introduction; Morning walk on beach; Deity greeting Los Angeles;
Kirtan and class; Pains and pleasure; 747 is flying because; Closing

Acarya V: Introduction; Morning walk on beach; Morning walk in park;
Discussion with scholar; Press conference; Garden conversation; BBT
business; Talk with public servant; Discussion with scholars; Closing

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