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2. KSC6 THE LEGEND OF PRINCE RAMA - The Animated Ramayana (English)
3. KSC4 Krishna Conscious Childrens Shows
4. KSC2 Krishna Conscious Childrens Shows #2
5. KSC-1 Krishna Conscious Childrens Shows #1

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ITV Productions, Inc. :: Krishna Shows for Children :: KSC-1 Krishna Conscious Childrens Shows #1

KSC-1 Krishna Conscious Childrens Shows #1
KSC-1  Krishna Conscious Childrens Shows #1 
  • AJAMILA leaves a saintly life for sense gratification, but the results of his service are not lost when, on his death bed, he desperately calls for his son, Narayana, whom he named after the Supreme Lord.
  • BALI MAHARAJA was a noble king who promised to give in charity anything a brahmana requested. When God appeared as a dwarf brahmana boy, He asked for only three steps of land...
  • DHRUVA MAHARAJA goes to perform austerities for a worldly kingdom and gets far more than he expected.
  • A FISH IS JUST A FISH is a humorous analogy of the essential conflict of the soul in this material world.
  • HARIDASA THAKURA AND THE PROSTITUTE offers a valuable lesson in the life of Lord Caitanya’s devotee Haridasa.
  • And in AGHASURA, Krishna saves the cowherd boys from a gigantic demon snake Color 97 minutes.
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    ITV INCORPORATE FEATURE FILM COMPANY IN INDIA The UPlifting Cinema Pvt Ltd. has been formed as a holding company for Krishna conscious feature films produced by a team of Nrsimhananda das, Yadubara das, and Janardradhi das. For a copy of the business plan which includes synopsis' of the five planned productions, email nrs@itvproductions.net. Investors are currently being solicited.

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